God hates it

when I bathe in holy water

while I touch myself

down there.

My legs spread as wide as the gates of hell,

lips open wide enough

to suck on the devil’s horns,

eyebrows crinkle together as close as

his sinful soul is to mine.

God cringes knowing

I’m almost finished.

He watches as I cup my breasts

with pleasure.

You see, most men

enjoy this sight

but God,

God turns away.

It is because he’s homosexual?


but I’ve been told that

God hates fags.


Thats What Crazy Girls Do

I say hello back to you,

I meet you for coffee just because

I like how you make me laugh.

But I don’t dare trust you.

Because thats what crazy girls do.

I get into your bed,

I let you unzip my jeans even though

I have never done this before.

But I don’t dare feel anything.

Because thats what crazy girls do.

I let you hold me in your arms,

I fall helplessly in love with you even though

I know you will never feel the same.

But I dare to love you anyways.

Because thats what crazy girls do.