I though

Maybe if I run away.

Maybe if I sprint fast and far enough

They won’t catch me.

I thought

Maybe if I hide.

Maybe if I feel the haze of the drugs enough

They will dance with me.

But eventually

I started getting tired of running away,

They caught up with me.

The drugs started wearing off,

They stopped dancing with me.

So now

I’ll stop running.

I’ll stop hiding.

I’ll sit here and play with my demons.


The Youth

Sometimes we forget we are young

And let the demons get the best of us.

But like the sun grazing the horizon

For the first time early in the morning,

We are still new to this intricate world

And we are here to shed some light on it.

Take a break from dancing with the demons

And light the world with your young energy.

Because we have time to fuck it all up

And change the world one mistake at a time.

10 Bewilderingly Underrated Post-Punk Bands You Need to Hear

Post punk is super underrated as a whole


Today’s a day for Flavorpill central to get excited about music, and not just because it’s the day the new of Montreal album comes out. February 7th also sees the re-release of A Trip to Marineville and Jane from Occupied Europe, the two studio albums that represent the career of hugely underrated UK post-punk band Swell Maps. For whatever reason, the post-punk era seems to have bred a great number of bands whose music was miles ahead of its time and whose output remains largely overlooked, even in 2012. So in honor of Swell Maps’ prescient output, here’s our selection of some other great post-punk bands who really deserve the attention of music lovers. Did we miss anyone?

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Thats What Crazy Girls Do

I say hello back to you,

I meet you for coffee just because

I like how you make me laugh.

But I don’t dare trust you.

Because thats what crazy girls do.

I get into your bed,

I let you unzip my jeans even though

I have never done this before.

But I don’t dare feel anything.

Because thats what crazy girls do.

I let you hold me in your arms,

I fall helplessly in love with you even though

I know you will never feel the same.

But I dare to love you anyways.

Because thats what crazy girls do.